Feel More Confident. Sign More Clients.  

Confidence. Got it.  

Can I pick that up at Nordstrom Rack? Was I absent the day they taught that magical formula in school?  

And then I learned the real magical truth: Confidence is inside every single one of us, and we just have to stop blocking it. I learned how to do it. Let me show you how.

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  • Why you struggle to feel confident when it seems like other coaches don't.
  • Why your lack of trust in yourself is killing your confidence - and how to build it back up.
  • Why your fear of failure is stopping you in your tracks - and how to get over it.
  • Why you care too damn much about what other people think - and why you don't have to anymore.
  • Why you can go do something that scares the shit out of you, right now - and it'll be the best thing you can do to unblock your confidence.

After taking this mini-course with me, you will be taking fresh action in your coaching business.

We will unblock the confidence already waiting inside you, dabble in a little brain science - for real, did you know this was all clinically proven science, not just woo-woo hoo-hoo?

Created exclusively for The Confident Coaches Podcast listeners, this Unblock Your Confidence mini-couse takes what I share in the podcast, and turns it into real action, leaving you feeling more confident so you can sign more clients.  

About Your Coach

As The Confidence Coach, I am committed to helping coaches get over their own bullshit, and start showing up as the coaches they always wanted to be.  

I had to do this for me. I spent my entire life, living as if there were solid rules, afraid of my own voice, terrified of upsetting anyone else.  

And yet I had a fire in my soul, the gift I was given burning through me and desperate to get out.  

I also had mounds of doubt. What if they didn’t like me? What if they aren’t interested?  

What if…I fail? What if…I succeed?  

And so I kept playing small. Consuming all the information, taking all the courses, but not putting much of what I was learning into action.  

And what action I did take, was small action. Don’t-rock-the-boat action.  

I bounced from idea to idea, from offer to offer, throwing everything I had at the walls, but never truly believing I could do it.  

And it felt terrible.  

I had to learn to call out the bullshit in my own mind. I had to believe I could do this thing – build a successful coaching business, where people are excited to work with me – before I actually did it. I had to embrace feeling uncomfortable doing what may not work, saying what some people may not respond to. I had to learn the only person who has my answers is me, not some outside guru. I had to learn to have my own back, and not beat myself up when something did not work. And I had to learn to keep going, to evaluate my work, to keep showing up for myself, no matter what.  

I had to step into my own brilliance by creating the self-confidence I needed to take powerful action. The kind of action that draws in your ideal clients, that rocks their world, that has them excited to work with you. The kind of action that signs clients.  

Self-confidence is what bridges the gap between playing small and owning your brilliance as a coach. It is the work I have done myself, and the work I have shared with over 100 clients.  

If we can do it, you can, too.  

I can help.